Aromas inspired by the exuberant natural richness of Mother Earth.

Create an atmosphere of encounter with yourself and enter a state of calm and inner peace. By inspiring the pleasant aromatic breeze of Tempting Emotions you will come into contact with the essence of nature, projecting on you a delicate care for your body, hair and mind.
Imbue your emotions with the scents of nature and enjoy the art of taking care of yourself.

with Pachamama...

Pachamama is a call to thank Mother Earth and her ancestral wisdom, the same one that protects us, cares for us, inspires us and gives us unique moments and experiences.
By inspiring the aromas of Tempting Emotions you will travel through the most exciting corners of nature, feeling its connection through the sea, the forest and the jungle.

Jungle Rain

450ml glass bottle with 10 sticks included.

Deep Forest

450ml glass bottle with 10 sticks included.

Ocean Drops

450ml glass bottle with 10 sticks included.


Wild floral citrus note fragrance that evokes the intense humidity present in the atmosphere of the jungle.

First Notes
Green, watery and citrus notes, with a suggestive fresh and wild touch of lemon and orange.

Tempting aroma of lavender, fig leaf and nutmeg that imbues the environment with charm and sweetness.

The characterful notes of tonka bean and musk fill your rebellious and adventurous spirit with strong emotions.


Fresh fragrance of citrus, floral notes and a marked accent of tea and spices to take you to the depths of the forest. It is a linear style perfume, where the heart is maintained until the end of the note.

First Notes
Mysterious notes of black tea, cardamom, nutmeg and cloves that will help to evade your mind and calm your emotions.

Jasmine and tea tree that add a halo of warmth, tenderness and familiarity. You will feel the sustainable embrace of the forest.

Majestic cedar, patchouli, leather and oak moss that will animate your most authentic version with wild notes.


Marine floral note fragrance with fruity and woody nuances that will help you build your haven of peace in the immensity and solitude of the ocean.

First Notes
Bergamot, pink pepper and lavender that give off a fresh and renewed aromatic breeze, ideal for purifying the energy of the environment.

Rose, geranium, lily of the valley and pine that provide sweet and floral notes with a suggestive tropical air.

Patchouli and cedar with woody undertones that provide an earthy contrast to the aquatic notes.

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