Delicatessen Nature
The Soul of the Plants

100% vegan hair care line inspired by the soul of plants, their extraordinary benefits and special connection with nature.

Formulated with a high percentage of natural ingredients, the line comes in sustainable packaging to reduce environmental impact.

It is formulated based on 6 essential treatments with a great nutritional impact, and with powerful benefits for the hair.


Our Alchemy:
Enriched Liposomes

We revolutionized hair cosmetics by creating a pioneering and unique technology in the sector: an exclusive biotechnology based on enriched liposomes rich in trace elements and essential nutrients, that provide everything you need for good hair health.

Its unique herbal extracts, phytochemicals, and other natural ingredients with exceptional cosmetic properties interact with each other to provide hair with complete and efficient nourishment.


Delicatessen Nature was created to care for hair beyond the physical properties of the product. Our connection with nature invites us to be part of it and to integrate ourselves with its wisdom.

Besides being the reflection of beauty in nature, biogeometry and its perfect proportions based on quantum physics give off a halo of energy that activates our subconscious to enhance the benefits of treatments.

Each of the 6 treatments has a specific Sacred Geometry associated with it that enhances its benefits for the hair.

Committed Beauty

True Beauty is expressed when the soul has something good to do for others. Our commitment to sustainability means we take actions that reduce our environmental footprint and contribute to a clean planet.

Packaging reduced by 17%

100% recyclable packaging

0% Silicones

We recycle with


We collaborate with sustainable agriculture plantations where plants are cultivated and harvested naturally, extracting their active ingredients in the place of origin. We respect the earth, the people of the region and their artisanal working methods, without exploiting or altering their living conditions or the environment. We forge alliances beneficial to all parties involved in the process. We value both the quality of the ingredients and the relationship with our collaborators, which is fair, equitable, and mutually beneficial.

Respects natural weather cycles

0% modified genetic material

Local and sustainable economies

0% pesticides

0% agrochemicals

Cycle Preservation

Free of modified genetic

Proximity economies, sustainable

0% pesticides

0% agrochemicals