Our essence

We believe in what we do and we do what we feel. Because there is nothing more natural than letting what is born inside us grow.

Tempting is a multi-sensory journey through nature and its knowledge, a process of maturing and learning that culminates in a tribute to the purest and most diverse beauty, ignoring established labels and patterns.

We are inspired to develop sustainable products in harmony with people, animals and our environment, because True Beauty is expressed when the soul has something good to share with others.

This is a tribute to the essence of nature, perfectly balanced in its unique geometries, colors and proportions. Its signature guides us on the path to beauty. It is the mark we want to leave on the planet. Our respect for the knowledge of nature.

Beauty Triangle

Our triangle of beauty represents the connection between the human being, nature and our product, where everything is perfectly integrated and balanced.

The unity of all product lines is the key to understanding how nature is involved in human beauty, well-being and attitude.


We create Color with the heart, it is the passion that moves us, our emotional side.


The essence is born from within. Therefore, internal care is the origin of hair health and beauty. With our Nutricosmetic line, feeling good on the inside means looking good on the outside.


The essence of the Hair Care line is the soul of plants and their blessings, our spiritual aura.


With the Styling line we create shapes and textures in the hair. It is our physical part.

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