Relax your mind and connect with your emotions before creating color.

Maximum creativity is achieved with a specific state of mind: relaxed and free of worries, prejudices or blocks.

To do a good creative job in your salon, we recommend that you give yourself a moment of calm to allow your mind to find its creativity.

Geometric Mantras and their relaxing effect

It has been studied and proven that the observation of mantras, mandalas or sacred geometries help the mind to relax by balancing the two hemispheres of the brain, which will allow you to enter a state of optimal calm to start a creative process

Boost your creativity with the ritual of sight

Chameleonik is the line designed to apply creativity to your coloring work. To help you find inspiration we have developed a mantra that will allow you to clear your mind, and free you from thoughts that prevent you from concentrating on your daily work..

Dedicating this time to yourself before starting any challenge in the salon will help you connect with your emotions and enhance creativity to achieve spectacular color.

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