Feel Free

Chameleonik is the vegan line of pure pigments ideal for creating dazzling fantasy colors.

Designed for colorists like you, who make hair a work of art.


Feel, create,

A tribute to people who are proud of who they are, who do not try to please others, but like themselves.
Being unique and authentic is part of our nature. It is not a choice, it is our way of understanding life. You have the beautiful task of caring for people and protecting their essence.
In their diversity, you will find the most vibrant colors and the purest beauty.

100% oils
natural origin

Our exclusive formula is enriched with 100% natural oils such as avocado, cotton and poppy seed, which moisturize, nourish, soften and condition the hair, giving it incredible shine.

Light up the night
with Chameleonik Neon

The night is as young as your spirit. Illuminate it with the brightness of our dazzling fluorine colors, which appear under ultraviolet black light. When the sun goes down, the colors vibrate with greater intensity, shining more strongly than ever.