Honest cosmetics:

We focus on designing the products that are strictly necessary rather than on maximizing profit, which is reflected in our reduced product catalogue.

In this way, we maintain Tempting's DNA of sustainability and help improve the circular economy, offering all the necessary tools and treatments for our health and image.


We understand Beauty without labels or conventional patterns.

Beauty is within: all beings are beautiful.

We respect and defend the freedom to express oneself, because we admire the unique essence of people and the purity of their beauty.

We are convinced that richness lies in diversity.

We don't want to be liked, we want to like ourselves.


We are committed to the Planet and conscious of reducing our environmental impact.

We carry out sustainable practices, working with local partners to encourage fair and responsible consumption.


We are trends and techniques generators. We want to inspire a change in the industry, to propose new ways of presenting people’s natural beauty, to innovate in style.

We aim to highlight the most artistic and creative version of hairdressers.


In our international community we share talent, knowledge, experiences and dreams.

Our collective energy enables us to overcome more challenges and enriches the experience of creativity.

We are excited to generate cooperative relationships with our partners, professionals and followers.


It has taken four years of research to find the right balance between technology, beauty, sustainability and wellbeing.

We design formulas with state-of-the-art technology, produced using natural, vegan, and friendly ingredients
Introducing a revolutionary line of nutricosmetics that cares for hair from the inside out.

We innovate with multi-sensory rituals that create wellness experiences in the salon and at home, providing moments of calm, pleasure and well-being.

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