Vibe with yor best beat and your hair.

With Tempting Emotions we have developed the Ritual of Hearing to create a pleasant experience in your home and in the hair salon.

Create an atmosphere of encounter with yourself, while enjoying a soothing sound massage that will deepen your state of relaxation and stimulate the benefits of the treatments. The attention you devote to yourself during the time the music lasts is a gift that will reward you with health, well-being, and harmony.

The music of our treatments

Live the experience of this Ritual of Hearing and enter the vibrational world of Delicatessen Nature. Listen to a sample of our music in each of our treatments

To enjoy our music therapy in full, use the QR code on the Delicatessen Nature packaging.


Feel the water seeping into your hair, the fine trickle of rain as a source of life and hydration.


Close your eyes… Let yourself be carried away by the song of the birds and achieve the ideal state of calm to renew yourself.


Enjoy the pleasant sensation of the fresh and pure breeze in your hair oxygenating it and eliminating impurities.

Xevi Compte

The themes that are part of the Ritual of Hearing have been composed by the music therapist Xevi Compte.

His Musical Alchemy, which he applied to the ritual, creates an experience of deep resonance with your inner self while you dedicate a few minutes to caring for yourself and your hair.

Each of the themes contains musical connotations that promote hydration, detox, and repair.

Our rituals