Absolutely Glam

Vegan Soft Bleaching Powder

White bleaching powder with a gentle action that lightens up to 7 tones. Its vegan formula has a low ammonia content and a velvety texture, suitable for all lightening techniques.

Before using the product, it’s necessary to conduct a diagnosis to determine the correct mixture. Mix with Oxcream 10 vol or 20 vol oxidizing emulsion in a 1:2 ratio. If necessary, the ratio can be increased. Exposure time is 30 to 50 minutes depending on the desired lightening level. Warnings: Perform a sensitivity test, and in case of irritation, do not use in contact with the scalp. Use protective gloves. Do not inhale.
· Lightens up to 7 tones · 100% vegan · Low ammonia % · Creamy texture · Velvety sensation · Suitable for all lightening techniques · Odorless · Non-volatile · Does not dry out · Does not increase in volume
1000 gr