Color Cleaner

100 ml

A technical product, in two phases, to eliminate unwanted hair color.

Technical product in two phases, ideal to eliminate unwanted hair color. Great power of action on oxidation pigments and incorrect highlights, does not reduce direct pigments. It also does not damage the hair thanks to its treating and conditioning agents. Exclusive professional use.

Combine the 2 phases in equal parts in a non-metallic recipient. Apply to dry, unwashed hair. Using a brush, apply the mixture the hair or area needing correcting. Activation time: from 20 to 60 minutes. Do not exceed the activation time indicated. Afterwards rinse thoroughly with warm water. Apply Delicatessen Vitamine nourishing shampoo and wash as usual. The Delicatessen Anti-Old mask should be applied to moisturize the hair. To neutralise any remaining product, the use of Soft Developer 1,5% is recommended. The process can be repeated if desired coverage is not achieved in one application.

Do not mix the caps, the mixture of remains from both phases can cause reactions that alter the treatment. Always use together in proportions of 1 + 1, but never separately. To avoid confusion, we identify Phase 1 with the white cap, and Phase 2 with the black cap.

Cotton oil: has a high content of essential fatty acids that help restore the lipid barrier and enhance the revitalization of the dermis. It also has emollient and conditioning properties.

Poppy seed oil: oil rich in oleic and linoleic acid, with great emollient capacity. Poppy seed oil softens the hair cuticle, adds shine, and helps moisturise the hair and scalp.

- Eliminates unwanted tones.
- Eliminates oxidation colour treatments.
- Eliminates incorrect or unwanted highlights.
- The composition of this treatment does not damage hair fibres, thanks to its treating and conditioning agents.
- Does not affect hair’s natural structure and leaves it soft and shiny.


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